"Raf's productions blew me away and he fully understood where we came from. From now on, he is my go-to person!" Wolfgang Bocksch concerts

Composition, arrangement and music production for recording artists

With a vast track record of composing, producing and performing with and alongside major recording artists, we can pick up your song idea at any stage, no matter how elementary, and take it to whichever production level you wish. If you simply require a quick demo or are aiming at full commercial release quality, there is a package to suit you.

Custom music, sound design for film, TV, video games or other media

6ft Shorty Music's founder, Raf, is a highly accomplished, classically trained pianist and can score custom music for your film, TV, video game or media project. Sound design services are also offered. Please check out the audio samples on the Sound Tracks page. If you would like to hear additional music or have a specific brief, please feel free to get in touch.

Vocals / voice-overs / dialogue / demo reels

The studio is well equipped to record great vocals and crisp voice-overs. Vocals are recorded using a high quality shock-mounted Rode condenser valve mic, surrounded by a Studio Electronics Reflection Filter, eliminating any unwanted reflections. The signal path is short and clean, going straight from the mic into a high quality TL-Audio voice channel, then straight into an Apogee Rosetta 800 A/D D/A converter, and recorded at sample rates of up to 192 kHz @ 24 bits. Recording takes place inside the acoustically treated main control room area. Fully enclosed Beyerdynamic DT150 headphones are used for the artist for ultimate comfort.

Digital audio editing

Need to take out a breath before a word or edit out any unwanted background noise? Or re-arrange a previously recorded master? No problem. Seamless edits, automation and intricate cross fades are carried out using Pro Tools' or Logic's excellent editing environments.

Mixing / Mastering

The studio acoustics and monitoring system have been perfectly tuned for accurate mixing and mastering.

High precision monitoring is made possible through the use of
Apogee's legendary A/D D/A converters. These provide the analogue feed to three different monitoring systems to ensure your mixes or masters are well-balanced across the entire frequency range and thus will 'travel' well, no matter what system they will be played on. Monitoring systems are:
  • Yamaha NS10s – No explanation needed. Anyone with a basic knowledge of sound recording will know these industry standards.
  • Yamaha HS80s incl. Yamaha subwoofer – suitable for referencing heavy bass-oriented music such as bass-heavy R&B, hip-hop, dance music or low-end sound fx and soundtracks.
  • Avantone Mix cubes – to ensure good playback on bass-challenged systems, such as TV sets, ipods and alarm clocks.

Furthermore, if you, like most of us, desire a warm vintage quality sound, then you are in luck. Real 'can't tell the difference' vintage plug-ins are used for mixing and mastering, using Universal Audio's award winning UAD-2 cards. Amongst many others, these mixing gems include Pultec EQs, 1176 compressor/limiter, Realverb Pro reverb, Precision Maximizer, Precision Limiter, and the sought after sound of the Neve 88RS channel strip. In fact, the studio can run up to 64 instances of the Neve 88RS channel strip, turning it into a virtual full size Neve console!

Delivery, file types & media

File types and media accepted from client:
  • Digital files: all common digital audio/video file types (eg. AIFF, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, MP3, MP4, etc.)
  • Session files: Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Live
  • DAT tape / CD / hard drive
  • Files can be emailed or uploaded to the studio's private FTP server or via the Soundcloud dropboxes on this site.

File types and media delivered to client:
  • Digital files: all common digital audio/video file types (eg. AIFF, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, MP3, MP4, etc.)
  • Session files: Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Live
  • DAT tape
  • CD burning and duplication is provided for small quantities only. If artwork is provided, this can be printed directly on the discs for a professional finish. For large quantities, it is recommended to use a specialized service for this.
  • Files can be emailed or accessed by the client using the studio's private FTP server or via the Soundcloud dropboxes on this site.

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Please contact us

All work can be carried out remotely using the studio's private FTP server with own client area (or soundcloud if preferred), video conferencing, email and chat. However, clients are more than welcome to sit in or to record vocals or basic single instruments. The studio has a lovely chill-out area with great views and plenty of daylight and is located only 15 min from central London by tube (Central Line).

*Sit-in sessions are not allowed for mixing/mastering sessions as more than often, this tends to distract rather than being beneficial.

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