Company founder, Raf Damiaens, in his studio.

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What's in the name

As a young wannabe artist/producer, Raf simply couldn't resist the temptation and proudly had his very own remix added to the CD release. The single received a whopping 5 out of 5 stars from Music Week magazine and was greatly received by the overall music press. However, after big national tours, supporting acts like the Backstreet Boys, Peter Andre, Ant & Dec, coupled with numerous national TV appearances and a video on MTV, things didn't fare so well and the band decided to go their own way.
Raf hit the studio again and also moved on to becoming a successful session keyboard player for well-known acts, including Lisa Stansfield, Kavana, Omar and No Mercy. TV appearances included Top of the Pops, MTV, National Lottery, GMTV and Sky One. He later toured internationally with an American dance show, who included 6 of his productions on their debut album, X-Dream, released under Sony Records. Now, Raf spends most his time at his studio working for a wide variety of clients.
Classically trained pianist, performer, composer, producer and experienced sound engineer, with an extensive background within the music recording industry. More recently, Raf has ventured into scoring for films and video games and has been co-writing and producing with gifted rap artist, SALO.

Soon after moving to London around mid 90's, Raf embarked on a sound engineering course at SAE and came out with distinction. He soon became an in-house engineer at Mint Jam studios in North London. Not happy back then with a permanent pale studio tan, he hooked up with a fellow student and formed the pop band, Skream!, which then eventually became a 3-piece. Their debut single, Day In Day Out, was produced by Steve Mac (Westlife, Boyzone, Five) and released under Telstar Records.
Where does the name '6ft Shorty' come from you might ask? Well, it came from a past collaboration between a tall, skinny chap and Raf, the somewhat more 'shorty' one. Well, in comparison anyway... Raf is certainly no midget. But standing next to him, he always wondered if his partner had the same climate as himself up there...

Raf Damiaens – the story

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