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Song 2: 'Redemption (feat. Rory Colman)' by Shentloc (as part of Sep free mastering offer)

Hi chaps

This week's feature song is for the Rock and Metal heads. Run now whilst you can, or stick around for some great head banging music!

This song is part of the soundtrack of S&H Entertainment Localization's upcoming iPhone game "The Roadie". You can hear more music from these guys on their MySpace page.

As with song no1 'The Way' (which I posted last week) the song had already been mastered by the guys themselves, but they felt the mix lacked life and energy.

Things I focussed on most were:
- Treating the lead vocal with some fabulous vintage tube compression and EQ to add warmth and presence.
- Bring out the bass more
- Add more presence to the drums and cymbals to increase energy levels
- Overall level increase by maximizing and limiting at master stage.
- Improved balancing

Treatment: Mixing and Mastering.

All client negotiations took place via email and files incl. DAW multi tracks were exchanged via FTP.

"Man, this is some good stuff! Very happy with the vocals, and the work involved... ...the overall mix and vocals are brilliant, especially at the end of the track, where the vocals intensify. Awesome!" Shentloc

You can listen to the pre- and post master version of 'Redemption' in the embedded audio player below.

Mixing/Mastering - Redemption  by  6ftshortymusic

(Note to RSS readers and email subscribers: if you can't see the embedded audio player, then please visit this news post on the website)

A big thanks to Stefan Hahn of Shentloc for letting me post this 60 sec sample on the 6ft Shorty Music news post!

Till the next one Happy


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